Importing citations from WorldCat to X1

On my campus we have EndNote X1 for Mac users, and we have just encountered an issue where nothing happens when we attempt to import a text file of citations from WorldCat. To the best of my knowledge I installed the latest filter before attempting the import. I looked at the text file that exported from WorldCat (on the FirstSearch platform), and it didn’t really look like it was formatted for import into EndNote.

If anyone has any experience with such an issue, it would be helpful to hear from you. Thanks! 

I use the free WorldCat web database. On that version, you set up an account, save references to a list, go to your list, and click on the “Citations View” tab.

From there you can export the references. The “to EndNote” option seems to be the same as the “as RIS” option: they both produce text files which can be imported with the RefMan RIS filter.

I don’t know if this helps you.

Thank you very much for the tips, John!

I do have a couple questions. What is the URL for the free WorldCat web version, and what is a RefMan RIS? 

The free version of WorldCat is here,

RIS is a standard format for formatting bibliographical references. It is widely used by databases for exporting references. You can see the format here, Any references in this format can be imported into EndNote using the filter called RefMan RIS.