Author/Translated Author/Editor

Hi everybody,

Why does “Translated Author” behaves like “Editor” when I change in my bibliography settings for the output of “Editor” - ‘Last name only’ (no initials!), but for “Author” ‘A. B.’ (initials)? Is this supposed to be like this (feature) or a bug?

I just expected to see “Author” and “Translated Author” being formatted the same way. Or, at least, “Translated Author” not like “Editor”.

Thanks for help or explanation.

This is a “feature.” As explained in the EndNote manual (p.474 of the manual for X2 Windows), “The Editor List settings apply to the generic Secondary Author, Tertiary Author, and Subsidiary Author fields.” The same is true of the Editor Names settings.

When the Translated Author field was first added (in version 8), the output styles were not able to format that field at all, in other words, it was not treated as an author field. I queried that with the developers, and they set up the Translated Author field as an author field, but it was set up like all the other non-primary author fields. I don’t know if this is a good thing or not. I can’t think of an example in the standard style manuals which would require the use of both fields.


Thank you very much for this explanation.

The issue I am trying to solve is the following. I am writing my thesis on a russian topic and have to transcribe to latin letters and translate to german quite a lot of authors and titles, as it is usually done in comparable works. This combined with the type “Book Section” I want authors and editors to appear in a different way:

‘…’ Endnote field

*…* custom field

My own Output Style:

‘Author, A. B.’ (‘Translated Author, A. B.’ as original in russian) - ‘Title’ transcribed (‘Translated Titel’ as original in russian - *German translation*)

in: ‘Editor1, A. B., Editor2, A. B’ - ‘Title’

‘Edition’, ‘Place’ ‘Year’

‘Author’ and ‘Translated Author’ should appear with initials, one or more ‘Editors’ without but connected via a “/”.

If I want to change Editor1, A. B., Editor2, A. B. to: Editor1/Editor2, the changes affect Translated Author as well, which is not very usefull…

Maybe this can be considered to be changed in one of the next updates or versions of EndNote.

Hi ToStue,

thank you for your brief explanation. I am also writing a thesis in English, with a lot of Russian and German authors and I have to manage to cite the Russian names as well.

In the end I modified the standard Bluebook Law Review Output Style, but I am not really happy, yet. The only thing I have to manage somehow is to insert the transliterated title as well.

I want to have a similar output to what you have, i.e.

Transliterated Author, A.B. (Author in Russian), Tranlitirated Title (Translated Title and Russian Title, p. (Year).

Has anyone any hints on how to achieve it?

Thank you very much in advance

P.S. I am using Endnote X5 with Word 2010 (Windows 7) and Endnote X5 with Word 2011 (Mac OS X Lion) - the database is syncing via Dropbox.