Bibliographic style


I just registered to the EndNote Web and I can only find (Author-Date) style, I want  a number style how can I add it?

Are you on a network?  If so contact your network administrator and request having a numbered style added.

Hi Jollanar,

There are a few reasons this could be happening:

  1. You have an EndNote Web Basic account. You can tell this by the upper left corner of your login, if it says “EndNote Web, provided by Thomson Reuters.”

  2. You’re a member of an institution or university who subscribes to the Web of Knowledge, and your roaming access has expired. To solve this, you’ll just need to log in to EndNote Web from your institution. 

  3. You used to be a member an institution as described in #2, but you’ve graduated, or are no longer affiliated with them. If this is so, you still retain your EndNote Web account, but it will be a Basic one (as in #1). 

  4. You have EndNote installed on your desktop, or you are a member of an institution that subscribes to the Web of Knowledge, and Author Date has accidentally been selected as your one and only Favorite output style. You can change this by going to EndNote Web> Format > Bibliography> Select Favorites. You’ll see a list of styles in the All column that you can move to My Favorites column. 

Thanks, and let me know if any of these options solve your issue. 

Meredith M.