Bibliography Layout

Hey Guys,

does anyone know how to format the bibliography layout so that it looks like the one in my attached file? I’m desperate about it and have tried every option that i know of(which arent that many), including the Hanging Indent option.

I’d be extremely thankful for help,


If you are submitting an article to a publisher ii’s the publisher (not the author) who will handle final formatting of the article when it goes to print… You need’t  be concerned about formatting the bibliography in a columnar layout (aka “newspaper” columns)…

If you still want to pursue  a columnar layout for some other purpose you’ll need to set up tables in MS Word to achieve the effect of a multi-column layout. (Earlier versions of MS Word permitted newspaper columns, but that feature was removed.)

the columning is not my concern, word is actually quite helpful on that behalf. But the numberation which has a little indent is what worries me… all i can do is normal numbering without the indent.  

You could insert a couple of blank spaces after the bibliography number in the bibliography layout (see attached). You could insert a tab but the spacing is the standard .5 and there’s no other Endnote option for lowering the indent spacing to the degree shown in your example.

alright Ill either try that or Ill trust in your words and leave it to the editor;) 



that is just a hanging indent – so the bibliography number is followed by a tab.  

So this example was formated with Nature Stuctual biology – On the left is the output style dialogue for this setting, and on the right is the format bibliography “layout” tab dialogue in Word.  

Just to add that the hanging indent setting in the output style (the left of my image), often overide word’s endnote format bibliography dialogue (right side of image), so perhaps you need to change the other one, that you didn’t try when setting the hanging indent.