Bibliography not generating; double in-text citations

Dear Endnote Community,

I was playing around with the styles to get a correct in-text citations for one or more author: (Pat & Kelley, 2001) rather than (Pat, 2001).  Then, found out that I just needed to change each entry so there is a hard return between author names, but some other problems came up.  

Suddenly, for the first time (in 4 years) there is no bibliography list of references at the end of the document and the citations are not shaded gray (I checked the Options to make sure document settings are set to shade code field: sometimes or always (tried both)). Also, when I change to one of the Output Styles that is a copy of APA 6th,’  and then update fields MS Word generates doubles of the in-text citations.  And when I try to enter a new Endnote citation in the MS Word text, nothing happens.   

I a backed up file from the day before that is ok (has bibliography, gray fields), but as soon as I add text to it, it seems to start having these problems too.  Does this mean I changed some setting in Endnote that is creating the problem?

I am making the final edits on my thesis of 250 pages.  But I am really hoping it is just a few settings.

What settings, etc. should I check to try to figure this out?

Would be so grateful for advice, R

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