Book template modification force translator field to all books

Hi everyone,

Sorry if the answers has aleready been posted on these forums but I did not find any asnwers that could help me so far hence the post. Also, sorry for the bad english, it’s not my native language.

I have a bibliography template that requires to add the words “Trad. par” followed by a space in front of the Translator field when a book I cite has been translated to my native language…

Here is an example of what it should look like:

Benner, P. (1995). De novice à expert: Excellence en soins infirmiers, (Trad. par L. Ovion). Paris: InterÉditions.

The problem is that the text “Trad. par” now shows up in every book I cite in my bibligraphy. Here is an example with another book:

Paul, R. (1990). Critical thinking, (Trad. par. Rohnert Park, Californie: Sonoma State University.

I treid editing the bibliography template for the books but no matter what I try I can only manage to make it show on all books or none of them in the bibliography. There is something I don’t do right to set the text “Trad par” so it becomes dependant on the Translator field and shows only when there is a translator.

Here is my book template for bibliography, can anyone see what I’m doing wrong?

Author. (Year). Type of Work Title|, (Trad. par| |Translator)| (Edition )| Vol. Volume|. City|: Publisher|. (Original Publication).


Bob Breton

P.S. I use End Note X3 3.0.1 bd 4261

If “Trad Par” is supposed to appear only when there’s a translator, then you’ll need link the two fields otherwise Trad Par will appear regardless whether there’s a translator or not.

The modification would involve rearranging and deleting some of  the forced separations (represented by the |) so as to encase the (Trad Par*Translator) part and incorporate the Link to Adjacent Text symbol (represented by an asterick) into something like this:

Author. (Year). Type of Work Title, |(Trad. par*Translator)| (Edition )| Vol. Volume|. City|: Pub​lisher|. (Original Publication).

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Thank you for you answer CrazyGecko,

Although your suggestion did not solve my problem, it made me realize what I was doing wrong.

The problem was that End Note was interpreting the text “Trad. par” as a field and not as text. By adding the character accent grave before and after the text “Trad. par” my problem was solved.  Here is what the line looks like now:

Author. (Year). Type of Work Title,| (</font>Trad. par<font size="5" color="#ff0000"> Translator)| (Edition )| Vol. Volume|. City|: Publisher|. (Original Publication).

Now on the bibliography it shows like this when there is a translator:

Benner, P. (1995). De novice à expert: Excellence en soins infirmiers, (Trad. par L. Ovion). Paris: InterÉditions.

And here is what it looks like when there is no translator:

Norris, S. P. et Ennis, R. H. (1989). Evaluating critical thinking. Pacific Grove (CA): Midwest Publications Critical thinkking Press.

Thank you very much, you made me understand in 2 minutes what I missed the first time (and spent 2 hours trying to fix then).