Bug in Endnote - with solution


I’ve had a problem with Endnote occasionally refusing to accept new entries: on running the program I get a warning that no new references can be added as the “volume is locked”. This issue comes and goes.

After some digging, out IT support guys found that this is due to use of the “Email Reference” function. Once this is invoked, when Endnote shuts down it leaves a process “emailhelper86.exe” running. Starting Endnote again gives the warning message about locked volume. If the emailhelper86.exe process is stopped, Endnote starts normally.

I’m running Endnote X7 under Windows 7.

It would be good if this could be resolved in future versions.


Andy Phillips

Rothamsted Research

especially since - on a big library the email function doesn’t ever work for me, and invariably I need to reboot.  (thanks, as this is probably the alternative, no need to reboot, option).