Library is locked or locked volume

x7 and everytime I open I get warning that the library is locked or a locked volume and I cannot save any changes (read only).  I’ve checked the read only and they are not selected.  Any other suggestions??

Is it on  a cloud drive, drop-box or google drive?  sharpoint or one-note?  

P. S. Can you save a copy somewhere else?  Is it backed up to the Endnote online account?

Could you find any solution to the problem? I am facing the same issue on Mac with EndNote 7.7.

My EndNote library gives the warning that “The Library is Locked or it is on a Locked Volume”, while none of it is true. The library and the volume both have read and write permission. 

On a Windows machine, the following solved it (as did rebooting).  Not sure if a similar process can have the same effect on a Mac.  

Locate the email helper file in the Task Manager on the NEW machine.  End this process and EndNote will load as it should. 

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Copied the .enl file and the folder with the data from my work computer to work at home and I CANNOT ADD?CHANGE REFERENCES!!!


FYI- changing the “read only” attribute on the file properties does not work - even if you cahnge it, it continues to give the error on the X7 program!!!

There might be something wrong with the library file itself (e.g. corrupted). Were you sharing the library file or putting it on the cloud or other external storage device?

Suggest you contact tech support:

Thank you!

Indeed, zombie EndNote email helper processes were the issue for me.

I started a couple of emails via EndNote, never finished them but saved them in my email client drafts.

Closing EndNote and later closing my email client did not terminate the helper processes.

There was one process for each email initiated.

EndNote x8.2, Windows 10