Bullets in my bibliography

I am usinb the beta version with Word 2016 and it is genrally working well. Occasionally it freezes but never for long.

My issue is that my bibliography has inserted bullets before each reference. I can switch them off by slecting NONE but when I try and get a hanging indent between refrences they automatically return. This never happened on the previous version with Word 2008 - any advice please? It looks horrid.

If you are part of the beta testers who signed up to test the beta patch for the Mac and received the beta then you should report this per the instructions issued. Otherwise, you might try private messaging some of the moderators of the forum, (such as EndnoteBeta); and/or submit a tech support request indicating it should be forwarded to the Endnote people overseeing the beta testing.

I am havign the exact same issue. Using Word 2016 and Endnote X7

Please help!!


I am using Word 2016 and Endnote X7 and this has just started happening. Have checked output styles, hanging indent applies to all paragraphs but still, no hanging indent and bullets instead. 

Please help!

This sounds like the program is picking up formating from the last paragraph in the document.  unformat, make sure that last paragraph of the document is plain and not bulleted and try to update.  – also make sure you are using the output style in the document, that you think you are using, or try a different one and go back to the one you want.