Can I copy and then edit a .ens file?

I have a .ens file I worked on for some time to get it just right.  I now need to “tweak” it for a different journal.  So I want to use the style I created, change it’s name and then tweak it.

I’ve tried copying the .ens file within Windows and changing it’s name.  But when I go into Endnote X7 and pull up the new style it’s nothing like the one I just copied.  Somehow in the copy process the style is changing. 

So what is the official and correct method of creating a new style based on an existing one? 

You should edit the pre-existing style and save the modified style file within the Endnote program (not Windows). When you’re ready to save the modified output style go to the Endnote toolbar and select File >Save As. Then when the dialog box pops up, give the style file a new name and click Save .