Can non-EN users work with EN files?

Hi everyone,

I recently heard about EndNote and I’m curious if non-EndNote users can work with EndNote-formatted files in Word 2007. I’m the only editor/DTP person at my company and I want to use EndNote to compile the bibliographies for our large documents.  If I use EndNote to do the citations and reference list, will they get messed up if someone else works in the file? I have a macro that updates all field codes in the document; if a non-EndNote user runs this macro from their PC, will it break the citation fields and/or the reference list field?



Non-endnote users can work on documents with endnote fields, but I have no idea what will happen if they trigger your macro. Also they must be very careful not to mess around with the endnote fields, as they may get corrupted. When I collaborate with a non-endnote user, I aways unformat citations and share the document that way, using the record number as a part of an unlinked reference list, so they can see which ref is which.

Thanks for the reply! The macro has the same effect as if a user clicked in every field and pressed F9. So it sounds like that would cause problems if a non-EndNote user did it.