Citation appearing only as a period (".")

When I try to insert a citation that should read as “ibid., 86-87”. It appears only as a period “.”  Has any one else had this problem?

 I assume this is in a footnote style. Which style are you using and have you modified it in anyway?   

Hi Leanne,

Thanks for your reply. Yes, it’s a footnote. I don’t believe I have modified it, but I am not sure what modify refers to…?

I am not sure if this counts as a modification, but just it case: I had originally written in text “around” some of the footnotes in this document. So, for example, I wrote in “See also:” (citation). I know include those comments in the prefix box within each source entry. Was my original way a kind of modification?

Good morning.  Can you tell me what the output style you are using in word (from endnote – and whether you edited that output style (in endnote).  Those are the changes I mean.  See the attached image for the name of the output style.  

We still can’t attach a style to the forum for some reason.  

Hi Leanne,

Thanks again for your help. The output style is: Chicago 16th Footnote. I do not believe I made any modifications to this style?

(Sorry didn’t mean to put a question mark at the end of that last sentence.)

You should be able to edit your post to remove the errant ?  ;-)  You should also be able to delete the post mentioning it, as I am not replying to that one.  If “edit post” is not an option for you, then the moderators should know that and have it fixed (again).  – it should appear at the top of the “Options” drop down for your own posts.

I tried the Chicago 16th footnote style downloaded from the help output styles menu (from Dec 2017) and it worked for me - below 1, 2 and 3 are the same record, and 3 was something different. I added the “For more information see” manually infront of the footnote, not using the edit citation option, but did use the edit citation option to insert the page numbers (cited pages).  

There is a bit of a spacing issue for the Ibid (extra space in front of the pages) which I fixed in the attached version.  I think there may be other little errors (comma placements?) which if they annoy you, we could look at and fix.  

[1] For more information see Nicholas H. Steneck, Ori Introduction to the Responsible Conduct of Research, Updated ed. (Washington, D.C.: Dept. of Health and Human Services, Office of the Secretary, Office of Public Health and Science, Office of Research Integrity, 2007), 5-12.

[2] Ibid.,  4-5.

[3] T Amtruda and H Koeffler, “Retinoids and Cells of the Hematopoietic System,” in Retinoids and Cell Differentiation, ed. M Sherman (Boca Raton, Florida: CRC Press, 1986).

[4] Steneck, 5-10.

Chicago Manual of Style 16th Edition Footnote (A).zip (6.18 KB)

Thanks Leanne.  

I apologize, I’m a bit confused as to where to go from here. Are you suggesting I use the downloaded style you’ve attached rather than the current one I’m using?

Certainly can’t hurt to try it.  You can always switch back if it breaks something else?  

OK. Will do. Thanks for your help. :slight_smile: