Citation Problem: Edited Volume but want to cite original author

I have this work that I want to cite like this:

Gramsci, Antonio

     1992 [1971] Selections from the Prison Notebooks. Q. Hoare and G. N. Smith, eds. and trans. New York: InternationalPublishers.

The book is edited by Q. Hoare and G. N. Smith. The problem is if I categorise this citation as “Edited Book”, the citation becomes like this:

Hoare, Quintin, and Geoffrey Nowell Smith

     1992 [1971] Selections from the Prison Notebooks of Antonio Gramsci. New York: International Publishers.

Have you tried “Book Section” instead of “Edited Book”?

I just tried it. The problem is that I arrive at this type of citation:

Gramsci, Antonio

1992 [1971] . In Selections from the Prison Notebooks of Antonio Gramsci. Q. Hoare and G.N. Smith, eds. New York: International Publishers.

There is the awkward “.In” because EndNote is assuming that before the “.In” is the chapter of the book.

I’m using the Anthropology Style Guide which is a derivative of the Chicago 15th edition author-date style.

You could: 1) either remove “In” from the template - but that assumes you won’t be using the Book Section reference format;  but the best might be 2) create a specific reference type and output style to accommodate this entry.

Ugh. I guess I could do that, but one would think that this is a common enough problem that EndNote creators would have a way to deal with this.

For instance, when citing the work of say Charles Darwin, John Stuart Mill, John Locke, etc. we are often using books that while written by them have been edited (or sometimes translated) and republished in the current century. Works by those authors (and many others) are important enough that we should not be citing the editors of those work but rather should cite the original author.

I know (“ugh”).  I use primarily APA style so with the numerous bibliographic variations find that I usually have to modify reference type templates and the output styles.  EndNote made vast improvements to APA 6th but there are still occasions when some modification is needed.

Am thinking now maybe you could modify the exisiting Book Section template/output style rather than create a brand new one.  All you’d need to do is rename one of the Book Section’s custom fields in the reference type template to: Editor2.  Then in the output style, duplicate the original section pertaining to Editor but now omit “In” and change to fields to “Editor2”.

You could submit a suggestion to the Product Improvement section of the board or send an email requesting updating or developing a new style:

Have you tried using “Ancient Text”? I think it was designed for books like this one.

I normally use “book” but with the style edited to use “series editor” as the name of the person responsible for editing the work of the original author (as Leanne says “Ancient Text” would be more appropriate for really ancient works).

The full template is:

Author, Title|, ed. by Series Editor|, trans. by Translator|, Series Title|, Edition edn|, Label|, Number of Volumes vols| (|City: Publisher, Year|; repr. Reprint Edition|)|, Volume|, p.^pp. Number of Pages

“Label” is just there as a holder in case there any other comments I want to include about the particular edition. Obviously if the reprint isn’t in fact part of a series I just omit the Series Title.

Obviously you’d need to tweak the settings for Series Editor and Translator to get the exact wording in the order you need.