Citation style

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Which endnote citation  style should I use to get similar output as:

List all authors up to 6; for 7 or more list the first 3 and add ‘‘et al.’’)

Dockrell H, Greenspan JS. Histochemical identification of T- cells in oral lichen planus. Oral Surg 1979; 48: 42-49.

Thomas Y, Sosman J, Yrigoyen O, et al. Functional analysis of human T- cell subsets defined by monoclonal antibodies. I. Collaborative T-T interactions in the immunoregulation of B-cell differentiation. J Immunol 1980; 125: 2402-2405.

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You can always edit an existing style to match your criteria.  

need more info though:  numbered or (Author, Year)  if numbered how in the text and ordered by appearance or alphabetical?  What about requriements for other publication types?  Is there a website that has more details?  What is the publisher, publication name?  Have you already checked 

Often other publicatons by the same publisher, have similar styles, so you can check that in the page too  

Great guide to editing styles:

The style for “Circulation Research” might be a good place to start.