Endnote citation style

Hi. Which endnote citation  style should I use to get similar output as in example 1?

Author(s), title ofpaper, journal name abbreviated as in Index Medicus (written in full if no abbreviation quoted), year of publication, volume number, first and last pages. Include all authors up to five names; if there are six or more, include the first three and then et al.

Example 1:
23. Siddenvall R, Forsgren L, Heijbel J. Prevalence and characteristics of epilepsy in children in Northern Sweden. Seizure 1996; 5: 139-146.

Knut J

It appears to be very like JAMA.  I attach JAMA with the slight modification of “if 6” list 3, et al. rather than out of the box, of “if 7” list 3 ,et al.

JAMA(adj to 6 or more).ens (31.7 KB)

Thank you very much.