Cite While You Write Problem


I just got the pop-up that EndNote needed to update, so I ran the update. However, afterwards, the cite while you write option in Word 2016 did not work anymore. 

When I want to add a citation, it does not automatically add itself to my reference list anymore and it shows up, in text, like this: 

The NPS is a tool to measure customer loyalty, the higher the score, the more loyal the customer Reichheld, 2003 #18}.

What can I do to fix this problem? 

Kind regards, 


Hello Marloes,

That will typically happen if Instant Formatting is not turned on in Word. Please see this article:


I have the same problem. Turning on Instant Formatting does not do anything. I still have all the citations as, for exmaple, (Dortmans, 2017 #100), and nothing appearing in the references. I am using the latest version of Endnote9.

Any other suggestions?


Endnote is usually set to use curly brackets as delimters for temporary citations {Dortmans, 2017 #100}.  these can be set in Endnote’s preferences settings (edit> preferences>Temporary citations delimiters) or in an individual word document on the Endnote toolbar/ribbon  in bibliography dialogue menu.  (see image)

DO NOT try to use normal parentheses, or every parenthetical item will try to be interpreted as a temporary citation.