Cited in:

Hi, i want to cite this book:

It´s a collection of other publications like this one:

Now i want to cite the Pub: Opening platforms: how, when and why?

And want to show it in my list of literature like this:

Eisenmann TR, Parker G, Alstyne MV (2009) Opening platforms: how, when and why.
In: Gawer A (Hrsg) Platforms, markets and innovation. Edward Elgar, Cheltenham

But how should i edit the reference in EndNote to do that?


Since Annabelle Gawer’s book, Platforms, Markets and Innovation, is a collection of chapters written by different authors usually two EndNote records would be created using the: 1) Edited Book reference type (to be cited when referring to entire book and not a particular chapter); 2) Book Section (to be cited when referring to a particular chapter).  

Examples of how the data would usually be inputed into EndNote is shown in the attached image. However, the data and possibly the EndNote output style itself may need to be adjusted to conform to your example. Hard to say without knowing the specific EndNote output style you’re using.

Thx, that´s the solution!