Cited Pages, Prefixes, and Suffixes Repeated after "Update Citations and Biography" (EndNote X9, Win


I have a Word Document with citations like this one:


{-Prefix-\AuthorLastName, 2018 #1-Suffix-@10-}


If I select Update Citation and Bibliography, with any Style (in This case, Chicago 17th Author-date) the result becomes:


(-Prefix–Prefix-AuthorLastName 2018, 10-10–Suffix–Suffix-)


This behaviour is independant of the Database or the Document. For the sake of the demonstration, I have attached both a sample DB and a sample document in a zip archive.

If I insert a citation with Instant formatting on, the Prefix, Suffix, and Page Number are correct. They are duplicated after a conversion to Unformated Citations followed by an Update of the Citations and Biography.

Obviously, the document is not in revision modus.

Thank you for your help in resolving this issue.



System Information

Windows 10 Famille
V 1803

Microsoft Word 2016 MSO (16.0.9126.2282) 32 bits
Version 1803

EndNote X9 Bldg 12062 (11.2 KB)

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I encountered exactly the same issue after upgrading from Endnote X8 to X9. I tried with different output styles but the duplication of prefixes and suffixes remained. Since I found no solution for this issue I had to revert to Endnote X8 and everything worked fine again. I kept on working with X8 until this error will be fixed.



OS: Win10 Pro 64

MS Word 2016

Upgrade: I first removed Endnote X8 and then installed X9.