Citing translator or multiple authors in CMS

For the life of me, I can’t quite figure out how to properly cite the author and translator. Or, for that matter, when there might be multiple authors, in CMS. Sorry for what is probably a very dumb question.  

You don’t tell us enough to understand what you have tried or what the issue is? Which CMS style do you need?  The Author Date one  or the footnote one? You can get these by gong to the help menu and selecting Endnote Output Styles in the desktop program, and typing in “chicago” in the first field.  

Chicago Manual of Style 17th edition Footnote Footnote Humanities 2018-11-28 Download
Chicago Manual of Style 17th edition Author-Date Author-Year-Cited Pages Humanities 2018-11-13 Download

Both have a field for translator in the bibliography template for books.   

I assume you have downloaded the CMS output style you require and selected it in your manuscript?  

Often the problem is how you entered the authors into your library.  They must be one per line, best surname, first names or initials separated by spaces. 

give us more info, and we other users, can try to steer you in the right direction.  

Thanks much, Leanne. You have helped me much over the years!  I am now finally finishing my newest book, and have two questions that may even have been answered somewhere, sometime, long, long ago, during a different book project, but I can’t find or remember the answers. 

  1. For some reason, my 150+ endnotes in CMS 16 style now come after my bibliography, but I think they should normally come before.  Is there any easy way to move them so they would be in a more standard position? I’m using MS Word 2013.  Whatever I do, I know I should make a copy of my current setup.

  2. Having basically finished my book, I need to do a lot of clean up of the endnotes, in terms of format and diacritical marks, etc. It seems too difficult to do this in EndNote itself, so I would like to have everything in editable text for the final go-over, but not lose the numbering and links to the text itself. Would switching to plain text be the way to do this?  I know I would lose the EndNote capabilities then, but for final editing I would have to submit in some sort of plain text format anyway (I don’t think the publisher uses EndNote).

I keep thinking about how many, many people you have helped over the years.

With gratitude,


Hi Fred, thanks for your kind word.  Happy holidays!  

Having just returned to the lab, I am doing a bit of catch up, so this is a short answer and I don’t really have time to test things.

I think the endnote position problem might be addressed here:  but I don’t use them, so I am not exactly sure how to do this, if you already have multiple sections.

Once you have the endnotes at the end (of the section), insert a section break before the EndNote Bibliography  so it lives in a new last section.  Make sure you are showing paragraph symbols and grab the entire field when you move it.  It should stay put after that.  I may have time to test later in the week. 

And yes, if you want to finess the notes and bibliography you will need to remove the endnote field codes on a copy.  The best way is to use the endnote tool (on a copy of the book document as you know) convert to plain text, so it doesn’t remove other Word field codes relating to contents, indices or the like.  

Thanks much, Leanne!  I think I’m good to go.