COM exception with EndNote x7 and Word 2008

Dear all,

I can’t get Word 2008 and the latest updated version of EndNote X7 to cooperate at all.

Word opens on the message ‘A COM exception has occurred’ and fails to show the EndNote bar. If I open EndNote first, it crashes as soon as I open Word. I have deleted all old versions,removed the Endnote bundle from Applications and tried the procedure with deleting the .plist files from the Library folder. PLEASE HELP.


Please see the following knowledge base article for instructions on how to resolve this issue.      

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Miguel Mendoza

I just noticed this is the same posting in another place. Sorry about that.

Please give us a call at 1-800-336-4474 so that we can resolve this issue.

Best regards,
Miguel Mendoza

I solved the problem by completely removing Office from my new Macbook Air and reinstalling it after purchasing an external optic drive.

The problem was Word rather than EndNote: where I went wrong is in thinking it was good enough to migrate Office from my old Mac along with all the other programmes, using the migration assistent. It wasn’t. I had to reinstall the Office package from scratch, download all the updates, customize EndNote, and after restarting, the welcome little EndNote bar showed up in my Word doc and so far, touch wood, they seem to be making friends all right.