Configuration in endnote correct, but output to word wrong

I am using Endnote x7 and word 2011 on mac and trying to attach refferences for Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics using their settings (downloaded) - all seems to be good in endnote - exactly as they want it to appear. but once I add teh references to my word document, they appear completely different: for example 

In the text they should appear:

Kannel et al., 1990

But they appear as this:

Kannel WB, 1990

also going to the reference list, the second author somehow always appears only as a initials.

How can I fix it. I’d be so grateful if I can solve this problem. Thanks!

It sounds like you may have entered your records manually?  Do you have the authors all on one line, rather than entered one author per line?  

Smith, A W

Brown, B T


Great! Thanks. That solved my problem. I did enter them manually.