Has anyone else noticed a problem connecting to COPAC?  Using EndNote X2 I can connect to it, apparently, and search it.  I’m told how many results I have, but they fail to appear, and the search screen then starts to judder.  Other regular connections seem to be working O.K. - as did COPAC under version X.



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Thank you for alerting us to this issue, we are checking with the MIMAS folks right now to see what the issue is.


I am having a similar problem with COPAC. I use Endnote X.0.2 and a few days ago COPAC searches stopped working. I can search without problems, Endnote reports an x number of hits, but then fails to retrieve the references. When I check Windows, Show connection status, the Record data states “unable to convert record to SUTRS”. All my other connections still work. Is this an Endnote or a COPAC problem?

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Whether or not the problem was with X2 or COPAC (I suspect the latter), the problem is now solved.  I just tried a COPAC connection file from the University of Queensland, and that worked correctly; so to double check I used the original EndNote-provided one, which now produces the desired results.

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Indeed. I am pleased to be able to confirm this.