Corrections in Endnote library doe not update in Word document

I made corrections to references in Endnote Basic (web, online). I re-run the reference list in my Word document but see no corrections there whatsoever, none. Formatting, reformatting, different style - anything to force the plugin to re-read the references, all to no avail.

How to solve this?

(the corrections were to the title, or removing formatting - I understand that changing the author might cause problems)


In order for changes to your EndNote Basic library records to appear in your formatted Word document, you’d need to temporarily unformat your document and then format your references once again.  To do so:

1.  Open this particular Word document.

2.  Be sure to save a backup copy of your document file.

3.  Once you’ve backed up your document, in Word, choose the EndNote Web tab and click “Convert Citations and Bibliography>Convert to Unformatted Citations”.

4.  After your document has been unformatted and you’ve confirmed the reference list has been temporarily removed, on the EndNote Web tab in Word, click “Update Citations and Bibliography”.

This action would force the Cite While You Write commands to examine the associated library records within your EndNote Basic account and will “see” the changes you had made but could not incorporate within the previous version of your reference list.

Please let me know if this works for you.

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