Counting the inserted references


In my document, i use references with the code [3 letters + 3 figures] for the author and the year.

So, i can’t count the number of inserted references in my documents.

How can i do to count the number of references i have inserted in my document ? 

Thank you for your help.

You can temporarily changed to the numbered output style? – Alternatively, Endnote makes a temporary group that collects the cited references, just below the “all references” choice.   

Thank you for help.

I am more interested by your second solution.

But i don’t find the temporay group. Can you precise me where can i find it ?

In the same way, i don’t find the “all references” choice. Can you precise me where can i find it ?

Thank you for you help.

This feature was added in at least EndnoteX7.  Attached is a screen shot, for the paper “Document1”  – you do need to either add another citation or “format bibliography” after opening the document, to allow endnote to collect the records in the group.  

Thank you for help.

Unfortunetaly, i have EndnoteX3. So the option doesn’t exit. As i am at the end of my phd, i didn’t want to take the risk to change my endnote.

Do you remerber a solution with old Endnote ?

Thank you for help.

Yes, as I suggested earlier.  – format the thesis with the “Numbered” format.  this will show you how many cited papers you have.  Then you can reformat with the orginal output style.  You can even make a copy of the output style you are currently using and add a “bibliography number” to it, and switch back and forth between the two.