crash of word 2011 on mac osx mountain lion with endnote x7 while closing

i have founde similar problems with save and citation tasks. i have crashes when closing word files or word. instead of closing the program or the file the whole word 2011 crashes and a crash error window appears presenting a plugin problem similar to the problem reported at saving.

i use word 2013 version14.3.7; mac osx mountain lion 10.8.5 with latest updates and endnote x7 institute license,

before installing x7 i had endnote x4 on my system. 

i already try to find and remove disturbing library files but had no success.

thank you for help.


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I just upgraded to x7 and I have the same problem.

I have detected a similar problem. The same crash occurs when a .doc document is saved the second time (no crash with .docx). The problem vanished when the EndNote CWYW Word 2011  file was removed from starup folder.

Yes, I have the same problem. There’s another thread over here discussing it, with no real additional content except an Endnote person recommending that we email ThomsonReuters (there’s an email address to use) for a potential fix.