Word for Mac 2011 crashes during SAVE with EndNote x7 CWYW bundle present

Dear EndNote Comunity:

I am finding a weird type of MS Word (Office 2011 for Mac) crash which I have not been able to solve, but everything points in the direction of a faulty or incompatible EndNote X7 CWYW bundle.

Word apparently crashes during the SAVE command. Interestingly, the first save is OK, but upon pressing save the second time Word always crashes. Notably, the changes ARE saved in the document, but the program quits. MS Word Error reports an EXC_BAD_ACCESS exception, with Visual Basic for Applications as the crashed module. Visual Basic is properly in its place and appears to work OK. Removing Microsoft Preferences, repairing disk permissions, reinstalling word did not help. The same problem persists on two different Macs (MacBook Air and PowerBook 17"). The problem appears regardless of whether the EndNote x7 program is running or not. So far the only solution I find is removing the EndNote x7 CWYW Word 2011.bundle from the Office/Startup/Word folder. It is also worth noting that with the EndNote x6 CWYW Word 2011.bundle Word appears OK and does not show the above problem.

System: OS X 10.8.4

Office: Mac 2011 v.14.3.6

EndNote x7 (Bld 9013)

Any ideas or suggestions? 

Kind regards, Miklos

Exact same problem for me. I would also appreciate an answer.

same here, answer please?

p.s. one solution I’ve found is to select “save” from the “file” menu rather than command-S. It seems, at least for me, that the problem might be with the command-S.

Dear Skaplan, 

For me, pressing the File/Save menu command instead of the Command-S key combination unfortunately did not work. However, as suggested by the Thomspn Reuters Tech Support, saving the file in DOCX format rather than DOC does seem to work. This also tells me that Thomson Reuters itself is also aware of the issue, and hopefully a solution will arrive, too. Until then, I recommend saving your file as DOCX or return to EndNote6. 



Thanks!  Much appreciated.


Hello all,

For anyone out there who is experiencing a crash trying to save document in Word 2011 with EndNote X7 please be sure to apply the X7.0.1 update, which addresses this issue.

Should you still be experiencing problems after applying the update, please contact our Technical Support Team.

Best regards,


i have the same problem. word 2011 with latest update and mac osx mountain lion also updated completly crash.

they crash, when trying to close files or trying to close the program. however all saves are made uns no info is lost. word reports a plug in problem obviously related to the cite while you write module. 

i had installed endnote x4 bevore updating to x7.

the problem is not related to all files. it is independent from the file type doc vs. docx. 

best regards, fd

Hello draenert,

The problem you describe is not the same problem this post is discussing. Please contact our technical support group so they can assist you with troubleshooting and a solution.


Best regards,


The Thomson Reuters EndNote Team

Hi all, 

I just wanted to say that I’m experiencing the .doc Mac Word 2011 crash also, and am forced to work with .doc files periodically, so it’s frustrating.  

Just another post to demonstrate to developers that it’s a problem. 


Hi All- I am experiencing the same problem!  It seems to be okay if I save it in docx format though.  There was mention of a solution that could be emailed to us?  If so- can you please email to ericablueberry@me.com

Thank you!



I am seeing a similar problem with Mac OSX 10.9, EndNote X7 and MS Word 2011 crashing.

Removing the CWYW bundle from Office appears to stop the Word crashing…

I received the patched version of CWYW from support, and it does fix the Word crashing on save/quit problem. However, I have now observed Word crash at two new times: adding a table caption, and telling the spell-check to ignore all instances of a word. I suspect the patched CWYW module of causing these new, even more serious problems. Anyone else seen this?


I am experiencing exactly the same problem with Word 2011 crashing when I save using a doc file. As people have suggested the problem dissappears when saving using docx files.  I still need to use doc files unfortunately and would appreciate the CWYW patch that others have spoken about, if possible.



I experience the same problem which didn’t start occuring until I upgraded to EndNote 7.  

I am running OSx 10.9, Word 2011 14.3.8, and EndNote 7 on a Mac Book Pro.  The save-document crash occurs consistently, regardless of whether I am actually using CWYW in the particular Word document. The Word crash report says there is an unknown error in accessing Visual Basic.

Very annoying: making me upgrade to a funky release. I wouldn’t have upgraded, except that EndNote 5 stopped working with OSx 10.9 Maverick.

Please advise. Thanks.

Hello All,

The X7.0.1 update was just released and will address this issue. Please apply the update and if you are still experiencing issues, contact our technical support team using the information here:


Best regards,


The Thomson Reuters EndNote Team

Hi Sharon

I am having the same error as everyone else when saving my Word document when using CWYW in my mac (OS 10.7.5) In my case Word leaves a track of anoying yet useless recovery files . I do have the latest 7.0.1. so I assume the patch mentioned is included and still have the error while saving. Any new update or shall go directly to tech support ?