Crash , reference manager 11.0.1 and Word 2003


we’ve been using Reference Manager 11.0.1 and Word 2003 (under XP) for a while.  We exchange documents with our customers, who make further changes, send them back, etc… They also use Reference Manager.  We transfer the database extracts between us (ie. not using external databases to hold the Reference Manager records)

With fairly large documents (say 2.5Mb and 150+ references) we are getting regular crashes; word refuses to save and just locks up.  There are track-changes and extensive internal references (tables, figures, table of contents, etc.).    It does not appear to be physical memory on the machine (1.5Gb installed, and rarely half of it in use according to system monitor).

Any clues or ideas as to what is causing it ?


  • Nigel