CWYW for X7 will not show in Word 2011 on mac

I bought a new mac today and downloaded the new endnote x7 for use with my office 365 (office 2011). Initially i could not get CWYW to work as i had installed endnote prior to office. I downloaded a file for cite while you write from the support seciton here, this worked in terms of a bar to be able to format the references within a document i have been previously working on. However, upon pressing search this would not connect to my endnote library. I deleted the new library created upon instal and replaced this with my previous library. 

I deleted the seperately downloaded CWYW software completly and reinstalled endnote x7. This resulted in no CWYW bar and not connection to word. 

I now cannot get word to register CWYW.

I have deleted the endnote file from word start up folder, and re-selected this within endnote customizer to no avail. 

Any help is apprechiated, as endnote is useless without CWYW to me. thanks

What exactly did you replace the library with?  – Endnote’s library structure is a a “pointer file” that usually ends in .enl and a large folder structure .DATA with a number of files and subfolders.  If you just moved the .enl file – you didn’t get the library?