CWYW word 2016 plug in fails to authenticate


I’ve been using EndNote Web through my Uni account and installed the CWYW plug-in to Word 2016. 

It worked fine for a week and then some glitch must’ve happened. My online EndNote library is accessible and working as it’s linked to my Uni account. I’ve tested it by adding new citations.

The EndNote plug-in on Word is still visible but if I want to insert a reference to the Word document it fails to login. 

If I click on ‘Go to EndNote online’ from the Word plug-in, it automatically opens the browser and goes to the online library. 

I’ve uninstalled/re-installed the plug-in several times, have checked if this issue exists on a new Word documente (yes).

Have also checked plug-ins are enabled for EndNote. 

Any advice? I know EndNote and Word 2016 are a bit fiddly, but I’m surprised it went from working perfectly well to suddenly not.


Desktop or online version?  Have you looked at your Word endnote ribbon and selected the (Tools if not full screen>) preferences> and choose the application tab and made sure you have the correct toolbar chosen there Endnote=desktop, Endnote online=online library and for the online version - that your username/password details are there?