Delete extra space in front of AMA citation

Hello. I am hoping to discover a way to automatically delete the space that shows up before the superscript # in-text citation in AMA style. We want the superscript # to appear immediately after a statement/sentence/punctuation.

We are using MS Word on PC.

Please help - thank you.

The citation should appear right where your cursor is when you inserted the citation.

You may need to view spaces by going to File then Options then Display and Spaces.

You can then use the EndNote command Convert Citations and Bibliography then Convert to Unformatted Citations.

The superscript number should now appear as author, year record number# in { } if you have the text a space and then the { } you can do a Find and Replace via word to remove the space in front of the { to move the in-text citation.

If you do not have a space in front of the { then the citation is placed properly in the document.

If this does not address the issue you have then please contact Technical Support directly:

1-800-336-4474 option 4 then 1