Deleting a reference in Word 2013 makes Word crash

I am using Word 2013 and Endnote x6 on a new 64-bit laptop.  Everything was newly installed a few months ago and this problem has plagued me ever since.  After deleting a citation, the Word doc freezes and can’t be saved or closed.   A message appears on the EndNote window reading:  Server Busy.  This action cannot be completed because the “document name - Word” program is busy.  Choose “Switch To” and correct the problem.  (The options are Switch To, Retry, or Cancel, and none of them have any effect.).  The only thing I’ve been able to do is to close Word through the Task Manager application.  Not much fun when you’re trying to crank out an edited document on a deadline.  Thanks for any suggestions.    

There is this article in the knowledgebase which might help?

Is this an existing word document – in which case, perhaps there is a corruption that is causing the problem.  Have you tried unformating all citations and removing field codes and then reformating?

There’s a compatibility issue between Endnote X6 and MS Word 2013. Refer to the knowledgebase article and this thread

Suggest you contact tech support  for assistance.  If you wish  to  test Endnote X7  download the trial version of Endnote X7.   (The trial version  is free and runs for 30 days.)  Or you can bypass  the trial  version and just  upgrade your software  from  Endnote  X6   to the current version of   X7 at a discounted price . 

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