Endnote X2 crashes on delete entry

Am having lots of problems when I try to delete an entry.  Usually Endnote crashes.

Am using Endnote X2 on Windows Vista

If it’s any consolation, I get this problem quite regularly with EndNote X2 on Windows XP.

I haven’t been able to find any pattern to it. Usually EndNote will delete the references in the normal way, but fairly often it crashes. Then I have to reopen EndNote, and I can then delete the references without any problem.

We are not alone. This issue has been reported previously in this forum:


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Me too. I started using EndNote X.2.0.1 about 10 days ago.  Crashing occurs almost every time I delete a reference.  I am on Windows XP version 5.1

John East reported occasional crashing to us during beta testing of EndNote X2 but we were never able to reproduce the problem.

If anyone else would like to send me a sample library (.enxl format) that is regularly crashing, it would be a big help. I will have the team review it to see if there is a pattern we can uncover and fix.

We need to know the following:

  • The exact steps to follow to reproduce the crash.

  • Whether the library was originally created with an older version of EndNote - or brand new in X2.

  • How the record that seems to cause the crash was created (imported, from an Online Search, etc.)

  • Exact version of Windows you are running.

  • Exact version of Word you are running.

  • Any Word plug-ins you might have installed.


Jason Rollins, the EndNote team - jason.rollins@thomsonreuters.com

Was there ever a solution to this? It happens to me regularly. I can send the library if it helps.