Edit output style in endnote x4 not saved on mac

I am working with endnote X4 and word 2011 for mac and when I  edit the Harvard output style even though it is saved with a new name and appears on my output styles it doesn’t apply it in my document.  I have moved the style folder to a documents folder and change the folder location but still does not work.  How can I do it?  Thank you


When you say “appears on my output styles”, do you mean the modified Harvard style appears in your Endnote program’s output style list or your WORD style list?  Even though you select an output style in Endnote, you still have to select tyour modified Harvard style in WORD before reformatting your manuscript.  Make sure you are selecting the modified Harvard style, not the original.


Remember that the Output Style can be set differently for EndNote and CWYW in Word. See the attached screen shot that shows “Harvard” displaying in EndNote and “Harvard Modified” in Word. “Harvard Modified” needs to be selected from the “Format Bibliography” button/dialog in CWYW in Word.

I hope this helps.

Jason Rollins, the EndNote team