Direct export from Medline Ovid to X4 - Non-English letters and diacritics are messed up

When I use direct export from Medline Ovid, Scandinavian letters (æ, ø, å) and diacritics are messed up.

E.g. Bjørndal becomes:




(yes, spread over 3 lines)

I have tried looking at the filter, but I can’t find anywhere to fix it.

I also use direct export from BIBSYS (largest Norwegian library catalog) and there are no problems there.

Any suggestions?

This is very likely an issue with the way Ovid is encoding the file/characters. Please see the comments from Peter Travis on this thread - - for some ideas on how to edit the file.

I hope this helps.

Jason Rollins, the EndNote team

The problem seems to be in the Ovid Medline export file (where ø for example becomes &#x00F8). Changing Text Translation to UTF-8 doesn’t help. I can not see that it is possible to program the filter in any way to fix this problem. I’ve contacted out contact person at Ovid Support and asked if they can look into this.

Best wishes

Jan Ove

Thank you Jan Ove!