Disappearing Citations on APA and other problems.


1- I currently use IEEE style. I have used webpage citations (with and with no author). When I change to APA, some of the website citations totally disappear. If I turn back to IEEE numbered, they reappear.

2- In this paragraph every possible combination of first and last name are used by endnote:

This … model … (Sarmady, 2008). The model is … (Dirk Helbing, Johansson, & Al-Abideen, 2007) and … …by other researchers (K. Still, 2008). The … by Mehdi Moussaid et al. (2010).

Why is that?

3- One of my website citations (no author) appears as follows. Is that correct style?

… peace keeping and rescue operation scenarios (“COSMOSS Project: CrOwd Simulation for Military Operations,”).

4- In IEEE sometimes citations were used inside parenthesis. Under APA, the text appears as:

Figure ‎2-10: Transform from Input Space to Feature Space (adapted from (Guodong, Hong-Jiang, & Li, 2001))

Is that proper?

the S Dak State website has a great page here: http://libguides.sdstate.edu/content.php?pid=342372&sid=3738496 that shows alot of the options including those for APA specifications and where to make changes if necessary. 


  1. The website will need a title or an author (and a year) to not completely disappear.   (see author settings and the section on “anonymous works”).  APA specfies that a title is used if there is no author listed. 


2.  It is likely you have different ciations with the same author but the author is entered in slightly different ways, so Endnote tries to disabiguate them.  If they are the same author, you could make sure (by copy and paste) that all records have the author entered exactly the same.  – If they are different authors with the same surname, adding the initials is the correct way to handle ambiguous authors. 


3.  – this is probably the correct handling according to APA, which says to use the title when there is no author (see 1). 


4.  You can edit a citation (right click in formated citation, more) so that the text 'adapted from " is in the "prefix, which will include it in the parenthesis with the rest of the citation. 

Leanne, Thank you very much for explanations. I appreciate your kind help.

I am sorry to bring this up again.

1- I still have problem with disappearing citations (which is very dangerous because I might get accused of plagarism) and impoper website citations.

2- For the websites I have entered a title, a year, an access date and even an author (the company owning the website). However adding the author makes the fields disapear, while haveing a title with year, access year and even access date results into a citation like this (the year or access date are not included):

(“Massive Prime,”)

Adding the year manually is useless because they will be reset whenever the citations and bibliography is updated.

3- The above situation is with APA 6th. If  change to APA 6th CV all websites links disappear altogether.

Could someone kindly advise?

I guess I found the reason for problem #2.

Strangely the ciations of web links have by default been set to “Exclude Author and year”. That’s why the year does not appear in the citations.

However disappearing citations is still a problem. Even if the citation info is empty an empty parenhesis could be shown so that the user can correct the problem.

Can you show as temporary citations?  then they will appear, no? 


Thank you for your time. Yes they do. They appear even if I select another style (IEEE for example).

That means, the reason they disapear is because the chosen style has no entry in the Citation template (usually because it is a footnote style).  You need to edit the style or choose one that has the appropriate citation template for your chosen publication.