Do you want to save changes you made to endnote cwyw.dotm ? Do you? Do you??

Endnote X4 with Word 2010, Windows 7. I think after one crash of Endnote, now every time when never you close, open or switch over between 2 documents this “do you want to save changes you made to endnote cwyw.dotm” pops up.

Was looking for solution on the internet. Didn’t get any. Tried reinstalling and even unintall-reinstalling but did not help. This is really annoying.

I would suggest you to try resetting Word Normal Template. Please see the following link for more instructions:

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Found the problem!!

It is strangely because of a shotcut key conflicts - if there is shotcutkey conflicts between Endnote and anything else it will continue ask you if you wanna save. Symptom: When you click on ‘preference’ in the Endnote Tab in Word and Click OK, it says ‘can’t assign keys’.

Solution: Endnote Tab - Preference - Keyboard - Reset all and OK.

Thank you!! This has been driving me crazy!!

This has been driving me crazy for months! Thank you for posting the solution :).