How can I get the reference to show “4th ed., text rev.” ???  It comes up “(4th text rev. ed.)”.

I am assuming these are in two specific fields in your record? If so the output style is missing the punctuation and adding text i the wrong place/order.  What is the output style you are using, Which reference type (ie book, book section, etc) and what are the two field names which hold the speficied text you want to appear  and what text exactly is in each of the fields in the record itself?

Using APA 6th Edition.  Using book as the reference type.  Maybe there is a better one to use for the DSM, but I don’t know what.  I have tried every configuration of fields.  I just need it to read as indicated below for my reference page.  When I enter both “4th” and “text revision” in the edition field it comes out  with “(4th text rev. ed.)”.

Want it to appear like this:

American Psychiatric Associaltion.  (2000).  Diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders (4th ed., text rev.).  Washington, DC:  Author. 

In the Book reference you could enter the 4th text rev.ed. info in the “Type of Work” field, then modify the APA 6th bibliography template to incorporate the field (see images of the template and result from the EndNote preview window).  The modified output template is attached for your reference.

Also note when modifying the APA 6th output style the changes will be saved as a new file with the name “Copy” added (i.e., APA 6th Copy) so adjust both your EndNote and MS Word programs to use the modified file.

Result via EndNote Preview Window.gif
APA 6th Copy.ens (60.4 KB)

Thank you!!   That worked like a charm.:smileyvery-happy: