EBSCOhost CINAHL and EndNote

I have used EndNote for the past 14 years. Last Thursday, August 14, I was searching in EBSCOhost CINAHL and Direct Exporting records from the EBSCO Folder into EndNote for a research project. In the morning everything was fine. In the afternoon, I downloaded more records and when I tried to Direct Export in Google Chrome, I was asked to select a Filter. (Usually I am not asked to select a Filter; the Direct Export occurs automatically.) I thought “Huh,” and selected the CINAHL (EBSCO) Filter but zero records were imported. I switched to the Edge browser, but the same thing happened. I reported the problem to my library’s IT people. It was late in the workday so I went home and hoped that EBSCO was fixing a technical glitch and it would all be better later. 

I tried again today to download records from EBSCO CINAHL in Google Chrome but the same thing happened. I tried to import from EBSCO Academic Search Complete and from LISTA and they worked fine! So the issue seems to be limited to EBSCO CINAHL.

I phoned ESBCO Support. A polite gentleman from EBSCO had me select the Refman RIS (Clarivate Analytics) Filter and the CINAHL records imported correctly. I showed him (we shared my screen) that the LISTA records performed Direct Export without needing to select a Filter. And I told him that this is likely to confuse other EndNote users. 

I hope that this post helps others avoid confusion. And I personally hope that EBSCO CINAHL goes back to the old method of Direct Export.