Errors direct exporting from EBSCO

Hi, Has anyone seen these errors? When direct exporting from EBSCO we are asked to choose a filter?

Also get a box which says ‘Choose destination-export to’ but the box is empty?

Any suggestions welcome, Bernie

What version of EndNote are you using as importing procedures may differ with older versions of EndNote.

It seems odd that you’re getting the “choose destination” message. These procedures are based on EndNote X3:  In EBSCO once the references are selected and placed in the folder, click on the folder which displays the articles.  Select the articles then click the “Export” icon to go to the Export Manager page. Under the “Save citations to a file formatted for” options, the “Direct Export to EndNote, Procite, CITAVI, or Reference Manager” is selected.  With your EndNote library “open”,  click SAVE which will download the EBSCO references into the library.

Could you describe further what steps you’re following?

Hello Bernie,

in EndNote X3 only the most 100 important import filter are automatically installed. Using the direct export EndNote X3 still uses internally the EBSCO filter. If the EBSCO filters are not installed the direct export does not work and you are receiving this message (Choose destination…)

So, install the EBSCO filter (Edit - Import Filter - Open Filter Manager - Get on the Web) and then the direct export will work.

I hope I could help you.

Kind regards,

Sabine Schneider

Max-Planck-Institute for Biochemistry

82152 Martinsried


We are using EndNote X2 with Word 2007. We are following the procedure to direct export citations from EBSCO into EndNote but getting the box after we click on ‘Save’. I have used this method many, many times and haven’t seen this problem before.

Thank you for your help, Bernie