Edit citation right click drop down fields not appearing

I’ve recently moved to a new computer, and am using ENX5 and Word 2007 (both of which I was using on the old computer just fine), but which I’ve installed anew on the new computer. Although the Endnote toolbar is installed and all the relevant add-ins seem to have been added-in, for some reason I can’t figure out, it’s now taking an inordinate amount of time to insert a reference. I can, for instance, click the Insert Selected Citation or Find Citation button and they will do what they’re told, but take a VERY long time (and my new computer is a serious improvement in memory and processor speed).

I also seem to have “lost” the submenu which I used to add page numbers or omit authors or dates by right-clicking the citation. A tab appears, but it’s very small as is blank! The only way I can get there is to use the toolbar Edit and Manage Citations, and again, it’s also VERY slow. Any suggestions what might be causing this problem?

Also, is there a way to stop Endnote from collecting all the in-text citations each time I alter just one? It takes over Word and I can’t do anything until it’s finished.

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Speed issues are often related to either the number of styles, connections, filters and/or folder locations on a PC install. 

A couple things you should check on this installation.  Did you customize the installation in any way?  (how?)

How many output styles did you install (all of them - bad, 200-300 - good)?  Did you customize them during install, or subsequently in any way?  Did you customize your folder locations at all? (pointing to C-program folder/endnote/styles, bad – My Documents/endnote/styles- good). Where do you keep your libraries on the new machine?  (C- drive in program folders?-  bad, My Documents or other user accessible folders - good.) Are the folders on a network drive or local, wireless access or cabled.  One my laptop installations was trying to access a network drive for styles which it didn’t always have access to, and this significantly affected performance, with no error indicating the problem. 

There was also a report (see here)  that Intel’s Blue Tooth application can interfere with Endnote. 

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Many thanks for taking the time to reply. Apologies for not getting back sooner, but trying to sort out which, if any, of these things was the problem, AND do the work I need to be doing, has taken time. I have now Twice uninstalled and reinstalled Endnote, making sure I’m not customising it in the ways you said were “bad” or downloading zillions of styles, and putting the program and file in Mydocuments. I’ve also checked for Intel’s bluetooth (as per the other post), but I don’t seem to have that folder or file. And it’s still doing this. The big problem for me is that the drop-down menu I would normally get when I right-click on a citation in Word with CWYW and choose “Edit Citation”, that previously gave me options to . I now have to go to the Endnote toolbar “Edit & Manage Citation”, wait for several seconds for the window to open, then add in page numbers, say whether I want to exclude anything, and Then wait for a frustrating minute or more as it collects all the citations in the document. To do this for every single citation I want to add page numbers to is impossible. As I said, this is a new computer and I wouldn’t call it exactly clogged up with memory issues or loads of programs. I’ve pretty much just got Office, IExplorer, Endnotes and Adobe. That’s about it. If you’ve any suggestions about what I might need to be tweaking in the Endnote preferences or whatever, or in Word, I’d be eternally grateful.

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Okay.  – Turn off the hyperlinks in the format bibliography menu (a tick box at the bottom). That should help but …

The way to avoid all the hassels is to work with CYWY off!  Unformat the citations to the curly bracketed form, and this usually turns off cwyw, but you can be sure by going to the third tab.  Then add the pages after the record number with the @pages (if you use the pages field in the edit citation window, or just the text if you added it to the suffix). 

But that doesn’t address why your installation is slow.  For that - perhaps you need to make a call to tech support to see if there are things they can walk you thru. They may recommend uninstalling, deleting everything from the registry that has anything to do with endnote and then reinstall.   

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Thanks for this Leanne, but I’d already had the box unticked “link in-text citations to references in the bibliography”, so it’s not that. It may be that there is stuff in the registry still when I’ve uninstalled/reinstalled as it comes back with my preferred style already chosen and I’ve wondered how Endnote “knew” that. I really don’t like working with CWYW off, as adding page numbers is relatively painless, but I get myself in a muddle when I’m sometimes omitting authors or authors and date, or putting a prefix in. Is there a way that I can see what’s in the registry? I use System Mechanic: perhaps that will allow me to scan what’s in the registry, but will it be signposted with some sort of prefix or suffix in the names, do you know?


I think they all have EN in them, but they are in  ISI ResearchSoft/endnote “folders”.  I (backup the registry first) delete the whole of the endnote folder.  Remember also that any of your custom styles, filters and connections and any of those that you have downloaded from the web, are saved in your “my documents/endnote” folder too, so this won’t delete them.  (whether that is good or bad?)  and there is one other place that X and maybe X1 word endnote .dot files can be lurking, in your user profile and sometimes endnote tries to access those- causing a hangup.  Finally, I had a laptop which was installed in error with our institute’s desktop installation and it would take forever because it was trying to access the network drive for the “default” directory, and if it wasn’t available, it would keep looking for a while before giving up. 

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I really appreciate all your help, but I pretty much give up on this one. I’ve uninstalled, renamed my Endnote folder in MyDocuments, searched for any lurking .dot files (couldn’t find any), deleted two folders in registry keys, and then reinstalled (ensuring I’d turned off my antivirus program), and it still does the same thing. Who might I give a call to do walk me through what else might be wrong? (I’m in the UK, btw.)


Adept is the contact in the UK I think.  From their website

Or contact us at your local office:

UK & Ireland
Monday - Thursday 09:00 - 17:30, Friday 9:00 - 17:00 GMT
Tel: +44 (0) 1462 480055 for pricing and sales enquiries
Tel: +44 (0) 1462 488886 for technical support
e-mail: sales@adeptscience.co.uk for pricing and sales enquiries
For technical support please fill out our technical support form.

Leanne, thanks for all your help. I have no idea what was wrong, but I uninstalled Endnote (for about the 10th time!), but when I reinstalled it, it said a previous version was detected. (I must not have totally cleaned things out this time.) I opted to backup that version, and went ahead with the reinstall. And wallah! it works as it sound, drop down menus and speedily. So while your advice wasn’t a “solution”, I do appreciate all your time.