Edited citations not saving

I am making changes to citations (using the EndNote toolbar) but when I save and close my file, and open it again, the changes have reverted back. Any ideas? I am using ENXI



Are you making the changes via the “Edit Citation” pop-up box which appears after you first click to select  the citation to be edited then choose the “Edit Citation” option?

I don’t get a pop up box, I click on the citation and it is shaded grey. Then I use the “edit citation” function on the toolbar. It’s just all my changes have reverted back when I open the document again.

Are your preferences pointing to the Program folder locations for Output styles, as you probably did in previous versions of endnote?

They can’t be, as those folders in Vista (and presumably in 2010) won’t allow you to write to them, so Endnote developers had to adapt.  It is better to stick with the My Documents location, or elsewhere outside the Program Folder.  Endnote will create those folders if they don’t exist where your preferences are set (assuming the location is not write protected). 

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Leanne raised some interesting points - could you clarify if you’re using Windows and if so, what version (e.g., XP, Vista)?

Also could you recheck the settngs for the location of your styles folder?  Go to the EndNote toolbar, select EDIT, PREFERENCES then in the “EndNote Preferences” popup box click FOLDER LOCATIONS.  Then check the path for the Styles folder - if the path is pointing at the wrong location, change the path by clicking the “Select Folder” button.

Thank you, the issue was with the styles folder