Edit reference does not work

I am working on my dissertation document in Word on Mac.  I have problems editing a reference in Endnote, but the edit does not display correctly.  For example, I had a journal that was imported to Endnote with the journal name as “Am J Pharm Educ” but APA format requires it to be displayed as “American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education” so I edited the reference in Endnote.  However, the reference continues to be displayed as “Am J Pharm Educ” in my bibliography, and even on the Endnote screen itself.  I even deleted my Endnote 7 and (paid for and) installed Endnote 8 to fix this.  But my problem continues.  I am including a screen shot that illustrates the discrepancy. Please help me.

You will need to setup the term list in EndNote to resolve this issue. Please see our website for a complete list of steps to setup the term list.