Editor or Author Output Style

I am currently designing my style to go along with my universities referencing guidelines and having trouble when it come to creating a style which can be used for both Authors and Editors.

If an Author wrote a book its reference would be

Drury, C. (2008) Management and Cost Accounting. 7th ed. London: Cengage

If an Editor wrote the same book it should read as

Drury, C. (ed.) (2008) Management and Cost Accounting.  7th ed. London Cengage

I know there is section in reference type to enter either an Author or Editor. However, I have notice that a book written by an Editor would not be sorted alphabetically. Secondly as there is no Author the text would be rearranged to show title then year first as selected in option (this needs to be the case).

Any help would be appreciated, or if you require any clarification please ask

In your example, if Drury is entered as two different reference types (i.e., Book, and Edited Book), the  the Drury reference is entered using the Book and Edited Book) the two would be sorted based on the Author field (for Book) and Editor field (for Edited Book) - providing the bibliography sort order lists the Author field first.

Since EndNote offers the Book and Edited Book references, why not use them instead of trying to combine the two distinct references into one type?  The two reference types permit distinguishing between a book reference and an edited book reference and will correctly sort by the author and editor’s name.  Trying to combine a book and edited book into a single reference will require additional modifications, such as trying to figure out a way to flag when the author is an editor so the “(Ed.)” can be added to the bibliography list.

Was just hoping there was an easier way instead of creating two reference types for basically the same reference. Will have to make 2 reference types for Dictionaries as well as some have authors and others have editors.

Thank you, much appreciated

Thanks for the explanation as I see why you’re trying to consolidate the two reference types into one.  In thinking about it further, here’s an idea. You might be able to combine the “book author” and the “editor” into a single reference by adding a custom field the reference template. This custom field will act as the “flag” to differentiate an editor (and add the title abbreviation) from a book author.

For example, let’s say the custom field is named “AuthorEd” to indicate that the author is an editor.  If the author is then an editor (not a book author), a code such as “1” or “Yes” would be entered into the AuthorEd field.  This becomes the “flag” which is then incorporated in the bibliography template. Use the link to adjacent text code to “connect” the AuthorEd field to the “(Ed.)” field: Author|AuhorEd*(Ed.)|

So if the author is an editor, this setup will allow having the editor abbreviation appear in the bibliography output.

In Reference Manager 12, I listed as authors: Miller (ed), Susan A.; Riding In (ed), James; That way, the first editor was sequenced by the author sort.