EN X3 and EN X4 and Linux? It works!!

 You want to install EN X3 or EN X4 on a computer with Ubuntu 10.10 (32 bit) ?

USERS with CD and valid Key

No problem if you have a CD and a valid licence key and WINE 1.2.1 Ubuntu preinstalled (Microsoft Windows Compatibility Layer (Binary Emulator and Library)).

Wine accepts and installs the EN versions. However, you have not the 100 % Version like in WIN XP or Vista or WIN 7.


  • After the creation of a library, you see the icons left under “My library” but NOT THE TEXT (see zip file Nr.2). because black stripes mask the text (e.g. All References, My groups, Online Search …)

According to Lebecki and Cobrien ( TR Community/ 1012.2010) , the font size was reduced to 6 or 8 but the black stripes remained. The icons (Besides the stripes) worked well.

  • The BLIND online search was easy with few connection files (e.g. Web of science, pubmed…). The test with Weber, S. (EN  syntax) yielded 1330 references.

  • A short test revealed another slight bug. URL is not marked (No color) and the Open URL Link  cannot be started. 

(You must use copy and paste in your browser).

  •  Endnote Web Transfer References starts and works well.

More results in due course!

USERS with a TRIAL Version and valid Key

Ubuntu 10.10  and Wine don ´t work with the trial version ( IT WAS NOT TRUSTED ) and wine routine  blocked the installation (see zip file/ Nr. 1) .

A good Tomson Reuters beta tester finds always a solution!  Several test with different new  distributions were unsuccessful. However:

  • The new  beta 1  version of Manhattan OS   (Code name Jupiteros) (Ubuntu 10.04 and KDE/Gnome based) with USA settings accepts the trial version of EN X4 with the installed WINE routine .

After the creation of a library the same bug occured with the text under My Library (Left). No text was present.No black stripes occured  and after reduction of the font size, no text appeared


The icons started problemless too and the search results were the same as above.

Concerning Ubuntu 10.10 and Manhattan OS Beta 1:

LibreOffice for Linux was installed but it was not possible to install the OXT -CWYW  Extension. The OXT extension file  can be found (see gnome commander screenshot)  and the CWYW dot files too

After a click on OXT Extension, the linux distributions refused to install the extension.

More results in due course!

I should be very pleased to receive any comments.