EndNote X4.0.2 running on Ubuntu 10.10 and Wine 1.3.13

This is a continuation of this post.


Ubuntu 10.10 (updated).

Wine 1.3.13 (see instructions in previous post).

  1. Install Endnote X4 (you can use wine tools or the console). Use your product key.

  2. Download Windows 4.0.2 patch from the webpage.

  3. Extract the file and type msiexec /p EN1402Update.msp. This will install the 4.0.2 patch.

  4. Now install runtime files. Type: winetricks vcrun2008

  5. And finally, we need more things to display correct fonts: winetricks riched20

That’s all.

Edit: My fault. I ment vcrun2008.

Version information

Furthermore, install SumatraPDF with wine and you can open attaches files!