EndNote 20.5 Re-starting on its own after closing

The question is all versions or specific versions?
I am stil using Outlook /Word 2010 as there is no reason to change it.
This is on Win 10

I noticed that EndNote stopped reopening itself once I closed my OneDrive cloud service and any open Chrome tabs!

Maybe there’s an issue with the cloud sync interrupting the EndNote shutdown process?

I am not using any Cloud drives. Though the databases are on a NAS on the LAN

Same problem with Windows 11. Endnote 20.5 (build 16860). Closing all instances of Word did not help with Outlook open. Closed Outlook and Endnote stayed closed. Not sure if coincidental or all Microsoft products need to be closed. Three total attempts to exit Endnote before it stayed closed.

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I tried EndNote with Outlook and Word (and any other part of Office) closed. I get the re-opening when I close Endnote. So I think the Outlook being open might be a red herring.

But when does one NOT have some Office program or other open? This shouldn’t be happening and I hope Clarivate can put it right a.s.a.p. It’s particularly annoying as I back up my .enl and .data file/folder daily by hand, and sometimes I’ve started to copy them when EndNote opens again and the process is interrupted!


Another EndNote 20.5, build 16860 user on Windows 10 with the same problem. EndNote restarts itself after I close the program. Please fix this bug!

@gordon27 May be right, and I’m glad this solution worked for him (and others), but the way I see it the actual problem still remains: The Outlook-Word connection likely always existed, but this EN problem is new. This tells me that the problem IS fixable/removable
Clarviate needs to find the script/syntax that causes EN to check if Word is open and create an exception for the Outlook-Word connection so it will (again) close when Word closes, irrespective of Outlook’s status
[Sorry if this idea won’t work from the programming/IT side, I’m not a ‘code monkey’ so I don’t know these things! :monkey_face:]

I have been having the same problem for the last 2 months. Having to close other programs to keep it from happening is NOT a solution. Has anyone from Endnote offered an explanation/solution? I don’t see anything from them in this string.

Apparently they are working on it but, it was not ready for V20.5. I assume that it wil be a free 20.6 upgrade rather than a paid V21 upgrade.

If they don’t fix V20 I will be looking for another tool rather than paying for V21 .

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This is happening to me, and I would like to know the fix when it does. Because of the way I’ve set thigns up on multiple computers, it is creating a problem for me.

Same thing here, please fix.

Same here.
Windows 11. EndNote Bld 16860.

Make it stop. It’s been happening for a while now, there should be a fix.

I had this same problem today on a PC with EndNote being upgraded to 20.5. I called EndNote technical support and they gave me this workaround. With an EndNote library open, click EndNote menu Edit + Preferences + Libraries. If the setting at the top is “Open the most recently used library” then change that to “Do nothing”. The issue has been sent to the EndNote tech team. (The setting probably will result in EndNote NOT automatically opening the most recent library.)


So Why haven’t EndNote Support posted the fix here?

The problem with the “fix” is:
1 it doesn’t work (Win10) EndNote still reopens.
2 it gives a random library to open with “open existing library” not the last used one, nor the “recently used” list.

The problem with the open recent list of Libraries is that they are stored in the registry and there is no way to edit the list other than editing the registry. It should be possible to amend or at least clear the open recent list from the menu. Mine is a mess that shows non-existent libraries.

Also, the “open recent” list does not seem to update to give the recently used libraries in order. It seems to be in some frozen random order.

BTW my grammar checker wants “Recently used” not “open recent.”

I’m sorry I didn’t check the solution before sending my note. I saw EndNote restart on a PC. At home it restarted, I did not change any settings, and then in the greeting/announcement screen where the button said “Learn more” about the new version of EndNote, I clicked that instead of just closing the panel. Afterwards EndNote did not restart. Not sure if that is a solution.

EndNote support says to change your opening preferences to “do nothing”. This works for me.
A proper fix will be in the next patch update.

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Doesn’t work for me.

Contact EndNote support. They are best positioned to help and are typically very quick to respond.