EndNote 20.5 Re-starting on its own after closing

You would to better reading the thread before posting.

Yea I did. Thanks for that. The “do nothing” setting does work on windows 10. If it doesn’t work for you and your environment then contact EndNote support directly instead of complaining on a forum where nobody can help with the expertise that EndNote support has.

No it doesn’t. It works for some people. The more people respond to the forum, support can see what is happening without lots of individual calls tying them up. Also, it lets other users know they are not alone when the fix does not work. It’s what forums are for. Though, the Internet has gone downhill since the Eternal September.

Besides, they are working on a fix that still needs fully testing.

Re Clarivate support. In another thread, I found a connection file to Cambridge University didn’t work. This was in EndNote V20 that I upgraded to in Feb 2023. I contacted the University, who said they changed their system in 2019. Also, that the University did a new official connection file (it is on their website) and in 2019 send the file to Clarivate support explaining the changes. Clarivate did nothing with the official University update in the last 5 years and have been sending out the old non-working file.

If there was a solution or temporary solution for the restarting EndNote, then Clarivate should post it to this forum. Otherwise, they will get very many people calling them with the same question. Which is a waste of resources.

Well. I reported this a couple of month back and looking back to this forum frequently to see if there are any changes. Setting to not open the last database isn’t really an option and I tried but did not work on my Win10 system.
What I did, I scratched around on the internet looking for the previous build of Endnote which was 20.4.1. Uninstalled the buggy 20.5 and installed 20.4.1. Whoila back to a working system.
When Endnote did integrate the bug with 20.5.x. I don’t understand what is so difficult to have a timely patch to fix this for so many user. Waiting to sell 21 is a good practice to my view.


I think you mean “Waiting to sell 21 is NOT a good practice to my view.”

Otherwise, a cynic might say that it looks like they introduced a bug in the last version of V20 with the fix in the paid upgrade to V21 forcing all users to pay to fix the bug Clarivate introduced. Though, knowing SW development, I don’t think this is what happened here.
I am sure that Clarivate will do a V20 patch to fix this one point for those not going to V21.

The restarting is fixed in Endnote 21 AND, so I am told it will be fixed in EndNote 20.6
(though this information is worth what you paid for it :slight_smile: )

Seriously I am using EN21 and the restarting bug is fixed.
I have it on good authority that it will be fixed in EN20.06

This bug fix with the “Do nothing” setting appears to work on my computer after a few tests. More tests in the days ahead.
Summary of the bug fix as described by EndNote technical team’s advice to jfullert1:
With an EndNote library open, click EndNote menu Edit + Preferences + Libraries. If the setting at the top is “Open the most recently used library” then change that to “Do nothing”.

Here are my experiences with this bug fix.

  1. With an EndNote library open, set “Do nothing.” You need to ensure EndNote retains the “Do nothing” setting. I suggest selecting the “Do nothing” setting when Microsoft Word is not open.
  2. Close EndNote 20.5 with its “Do nothing” setting set.
  3. Reopen EndNote 20.5 through the Windows Start menu and not by clicking on an EndNote library file. . Do not reopen EndNote 20.5 application by opening an associated EndNote reference library.
  4. After reopening EndNote 20.5 through the Windows Start menu, recheck that EndNote 20.5 retains the “Do nothing” setting. If EndNote 20.5 retains the “Do nothing setting,” this bug fix might work for you.
  5. Then close EndNote 20.5.
  6. Now you are ready to test this bug fix by clicking on an EndNote library and then closing EndNote 20.5.
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The bug is fixed in V21, and I am informed that it will be fixed in V20.06 that is due out very shortly.

Alas, yesterday’s successful and even reproducible fix of this problem on my computer did not endure. The bug is back with my version of EndNote 20.5. Thus, I do not recommend this purported fix.

I am writing this open letter to express my fury and disgust with your software product.

The software product is supposed to help me with my daily tasks and improve my productivity. However, after 20.5 update, it has become unbearable due to a serious bug that causes it to re-start frequently, which we reported four months ago.

We have contacted your customer service several times to report this issue and request a solution, but I have not received any satisfactory response or assistance. It has been four months since the problem occurred!!!

This is intolerable and unprofessional. I feel that I have been cheated and ignored by your company. I insist that you either fix the bug as soon as possible, or refund me the full amount that I paid for the software product.

If you do not take any action within 14 days, we will have no choice but to escalate this matter to the relevant authorities and seek legal recourse.

I hope that you will take this letter seriously and respect your customers’ rights and expectations.

I believe the problem will be fixed in EndNote V20.6 as it is already fixed in V21

Perhaps @gillianEN could give us some information on when this patch will arrive for V20.
I would hope it would be sooner rather than later.

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Looking at my notes, I was told over a month ago by Clarivate that they had a fix for this, but it was not tested fully in time for the V20.5 update (when was that?) and it would come out in V20.6 In the meantime V21 has come out, and the problem is fixed.

I would have thought that the V20.6 patch should be out by now?

Hello all,

Sorry, Gillian is on vacation at the moment, so I figured I’d jump in to confirm that we are anticipating a release of EndNote 20.6 to address the above issue before the end of the month of June. Thank you for your continued patience!

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FYI, the 20.6 patch is now live, and addresses the issue with EndNote restarting on its own after closing. Cheers!

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