Problems with Endnote20

Endnote support encouraged me to post my “enhancement” requests to this forum, even though it is clear to all of us that ver. 20 is a disaster and it is not at all clear whether Endnote is listening to our concerns.

  1. Adding pdf preview to ver. 20.1 is a major concession to our demands, but I still need to be able to preview a pdf and edit a reference at the same time so that I can take notes on it without popping the pdf off into a separate window.

  2. The distance between the references in the list of references needs to be shrunk because there is a lot of wasted space there (and changing the display font as support suggests does not fix the problem).

  3. Curiously, under preferences -> Read/Unread, the first option is to mark a reference as read when viewed in a stand-alone reference window, but Endnote support tells me that there is no option to view a reference in its own stand-alone window (like, for example, I can do when I create a new reference). For all the destruction that coders did to this new version, it’s ironic that somehow this legacy option remained (so it wasn’t designed from the ground up?). Options in the new reference window (hide fields, change layout view options, flip between references) are what we need to be restored to ver. 20.

Thanks, and I hope we can get these problems fixed soon.