Endnote 20 crashing

I use EndNote in word to build bibliographies. I have been doing this since the late 1980’s and never had issues. With EndNote 20, EndNote crashes several times per day. I can re-open EndNote, but I have to reopen any pdf’s and I lose my place in the library and have to search to find the citation(s) I was using. This is very frustrating. Typically I have one or more pdfs open at the time of the crash.

The tech support people ahve been very nice, but unable to solve the problem. Here are the steps we took:

  1. Library and pdf folder is on computer hard drive (not on cloud or external drive): Yes!

  2. Library and pdf folder is in a separate folder without anything else in the folder: Yes.

  3. Library was restored on your computer: yes.

  4. Library and pdf folder were sent to EndNote, cleaned, and returned: yes.

  5. Reinstall EndNote using a more recent version: yes.

Technical support never asked, but for the record:

  1. I am using a PC 16GB ram, Intel i7 processor using 64-bit operating system.

  2. I am running Windows 10 Enterprise  version 20H2 with OS build 19042.867

  3. I am using Office 365 with the latest updates as required by my institution.

I have the exact same problem as you described, the problem solutions also are not helping.

All previous versions of Endnote were not crashing even once.

I am using a PC with 8 GB RAM, Intel i3-6100 CPU and 64-bit Windows 10 Enterprise 2016 LTSB.

EDIT: It seems like this problem is strongly related to the internal EndNote PDF viewer. Since I opened PDFs externally with Acrobat Reader, no crashing of EndNote occured anymore.

It would be nice if the development team could take a look at the PDF viewer and possible reasons for the crashes. Thanks.

I am experiencing the same problem. I’m using EndNote 20 for Mac on a MacBook Pro running MacOS 11.3 (Big Sur). EndNote frequently crashes when I am editing references in the “Edit” panel (especially when I click the Delete button). It also freezes occassionally when editing references. This occurs about once every 30 minutes of use.

And yes, EndNote support, I’ve been through the steps.

Yes, I have the exact same problem. 

I have the same issues. It started a couple of weeks ago when I couldn’t access my pdf files in the pdf viewer anymore. Even though that was annoying it was still manageable as I could still open the pdf’s in a separate pdf viewer. Recently Endnote started crashing often, easily up to 20+ times a day, mostly when I try to edit citations or import references. Very time consuming and frustrating issue to encounter when trying to finish a PhD.

Endnote Support was very friendly but unable to help me. I would hope they would have fixed the software issue by now. Any prospects of a solution to this problem?

I would ask to be able to go back to X9.3 !