Endnote 9 quick access buttons don't work at Word window?!

Hello there,

I am using Office 2007 with EndNote 9, I was using it for a long time and no problem, but Yesterday the word didn’t respond to any quick access button in the add-in toolbar, I used the shortcuts as I remember them Alt+2 and Alt+6 to insert and edit respectively.

But about if I have forgot, what is the solution to have these buttons acting properly again.


I am also having Word 2003 to have EndNote 9 detected at Word 2007, which is something I have discovered when I first used Office 2007, may be because I am having old version of EndNote.

Thank you in advance.

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ad the same problem with a version of Word 2003 overnight.  I have even tried to uninstall and then re-install EndnoteX, thinking that in overzealous computer clean up I may have removed something but this has not helped.  Has something chaged inthe last week?

I have the same problem of my word 2003 and EndNoteX1 now. The “Tool–>cite when you write” option in my word missed since last night.

How can I fix this problem?


If you are able to see the tools for EndNote in Word but they do nothing when you click on them, you may have a conflicting add-in installed.  We have a detailed FAQ explaining which add-ins are known to conflict with EndNote, and how to remove them.  The FAQ can found at: http://www.endnote.com/support/faqs/CWYW/faq11.asp

WE are still having the same conflict. I have checked the suggested conflicting add-ins and do not appear to have any of those suggested.  The questions and answers page suggested that we report what we have in the list for the Word Add-ins and tempates. I have the following

EN10Cwyw.dot (checked)

ENWebCwyw.dot (checked)

wfword2k.dot (not checked)

EN10Cwyw.WordXP.wll (not checked)

Any assistance would be appreciated


I can see from your list there that you do not have the proper files selected. The two that should be CHECKED are:



Please uncheck all other files.